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Ethical Data

CODE is a champion for ethical data practices. Our members have committed to live by our core values, and in return, they are trusted to display our Ethical Data Badge.

Our Values

Our members are unique and diverse, each with differing business models, backgrounds and perspectives. What unites us is our unwavering commitment to the following core values.


Consent can only be meaningful when it is given explicitly, with a reasonable understanding of the consequences, and without undue influence or fear of penalty from withholding.


The data we process and store belongs to our users, and we act as their agent serving their best interests at all times. As with any economic asset, people should be free to trade it and earn from it if they wish.


We keep our users’ data safe and secure by following industry best practice and investing in state of the art cybersecurity technology. If we lose our users' data, we will lose their trust.


We are transparent with our users about how their data is processed, if it is monetised, and how. We aim to give our users the right level of detail, at the right time.


We strive to give our users maximum control of their data with minimum effort, and to make it as easy for them to leave as it was to join. If our users feel out of control, we are adding to the problem.

The Ethical Data Badge

It's about trust

The badge is exclusive to members of our coalition, which have all been through a careful screening process to ensure they take their responsibilities with data seriously. In joining CODE, they have given their firm commitment to operate in line with our values. We trust them, and so can you.

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