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Our goals

CODE is engaging with regulators and decision-makers in the UK and EU to advocate for a healthier and more sustainable online ecosystem for personal data. In principle, we support policies that promote the following outcomes.

Effective data portability

Individuals having full and effective rights to data portability, enabling them to transfer their data and digital assets from one organisation to another on a continuous and real-time basis with minimal friction.

Streamlined consent management

Individuals being able to decide what data is collected about them, who it is shared with, and how it is processed, in a streamlined manner, including from a single centralised location.

A better deal for consumers

Individuals being able to get a better deal when engaging in transactions involving the transfer of their personal data, either by giving away less data, or receiving a greater share of its value in return.

A level playing field

Competitors in digital markets competing on a level playing field with respect to consented data access, without privacy and data protection law being used as a shield for anticompetitive practices.

Unlocking new value

Increased opportunities for ethical innovation and research through the supply of fully consented and high-quality data.

Action we are taking

CODE is pushing for meaningful change on three fronts

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UK Smart Data Schemes

As a full member of the Smart Data Council, we will promote the rapid and ambitious implementation of Smart Data Schemes in the UK, both in traditional regulated sectors such as finance, energy and communications, and also in digital markets where data is recognised to be a significant contributor to competition challenges.

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UK Digital Markets Regulation

Through written submissions, meetings with ministers, and Select Committee appearances, CODE is advocating for a level playing field in digital markets by providing the perspectives of responsible data businesses that interact with big tech. We will be a prominent contributor to new conduct requirements for powerful platforms coming from 2024.

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EU Digital Markets Act (DMA)

CODE is pushing the European Commission for full implementation and active enforcement of Articles 6(9) and 6(10) of the Digital Markets Act, and will highlight where digital gatekeepers are circumventing the requirement to provide access to user data on a continuous and real-time basis. We are also engaging bilaterally with gatekeepers on this issue.

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