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Joining forces to call out non-compliance with the DMA

CODE is proud to have joined forces with likeminded organisations MyData Global and The Ethical Commerce Alliance to urge the European Commission to take tough and decisive action against non-compliance with the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

Today, we have launched an open letter to Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice President of the European Commission responsible for creating a Europe Fit for the Digital Age.

Our message to the European Commission is simple. While the DMA has already resulted in some significant steps forward, not one of the six designated gatekeepers has fully complied with the data portability requirements set out within Article 6(9) of the Act.

Despite the implementation deadline having passed over 40 days ago, some gatekeepers are still falling well short of expectations, including by:

  • excluding the majority of data scopes, or even entire platforms, from new data portability functionality;

  • preventing third parties from accessing the data transfer functionality, rendering their tools a pointless road to nowhere; and

  • refusing to support continuous or recurring data transfers, overriding the rights and freedoms of their users to take control of their data.

In our letter, we are urging the Commission to take decisive action, and to ensure enforcement of this provision receives the resources and prioritisation that it deserves.

The data portability requirements in Article 20 of the the GDPR have never been meaningfully enforced by any European authorities. These new requirements in the DMA cannot be allowed to meet the same fate.

Please get in touch if you would like to add your organisation’s logo to the letter.


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